Manistee County Library System Internet/Computer Use Policy

As part of its mission to provide public access to information resources in a variety of formats, the Manistee County Library provides access to the Internet

 Manistee County Library system does not control and cannot monitor the
information available and accessed by way of the Internet; therefore, the Library System
cannot be held responsible for its content.  The Manistee County Library cannot guarantee that information on the Internet is accurate.  Library staff will assist users with accessing the Internet; however, learning to use the Internet effectively remains the responsibility of the user.


1. All users must register prior to using a workstation.  Use is available on a first-come, first-served basis as indicated below:

Patrons with MCL Library Cards—During high season (May 1 through September 30) users will be allowed one (1) hour use per day with extended hours available for certain educational and/or research purposes.  During low season (October 1 through April 30) users will be allowed one hour and thirty minutes use per day with extended hours available for certain educational and/or research purposes.

Guests and Registered MCL Patrons without Library Cards—Visitors, travelers, adult patrons who forget their library cards will be limited to thirty minutes use per day.

Patrons Not in Good Standing—Patrons who owe money to MCL for fines or fees of more than one dollar are considered not to be in good standing and will be allowed thirty (30) minutes as a guest.  The exception to this would be if the patron is currently on a payment plan for outstanding library fines and/or fees, they would then be allowed the full access.

In some locations, reservations may be made in advance, however, signing up for a time on workstations does not insure use of a specific machine.

 Manistee County Library System has minimally filtered computers available for
public access.  The Library will make available to parents information related to safe Internet practices for children.

Manistee County Library System reserves the right to limit, restrict, extend or end computer privileges of users and their access to the available information resources in the Library.

2.      Parents/Guardians must assume responsibility for Internet use by
  their children as Library staff cannot act in loco parentis.  Only
  parents can restrict services and materials to their child(ren) and
  only for their child(ren).

  Students, under the age of 18, must have a valid library card along with
  a parent/guardian signature card on file to be allowed to use Internet
  public access computers.  Students must sign an “Internet Access
  Agreement for Students” card which will be kept on file at the Library.
  A “Computer” sticker will be placed on the back of their Library card
  and must be presented each time the student/child wishes to use a
  Library computer.

  Children under the age of nine (9) may use the Internet only under the
  direct supervision of a parent/guardian.  Children (under the age of 9)
  unaccompanied by an adult will be allowed use of computers designated
  child or youth that will not allow access to the Internet.  Student’s age
  nine through eighteen must present a valid Library card with a
  “Computer” sticker on the back to sign up for computer time.  Temporary
or summer visiting youth may obtain a parent/student signature “Internet Access Agreement for Students” card to be presented each time they wish to use an internet workstation at any Manistee County Library facility.

 3.   Users may print information located on electronic databases and the
  Internet at twenty-five ($.25) cents per page.  Users may not download
files to the hard drive; however, files may be downloaded to various  removable media provided by the user.


  Non-compliance with the Manistee County Library’s policy and
  guidelines for computer/Internet use may result in denial of access to
  Library computers.

  By registering to use a computer in the Manistee County Library System,
  users agree to abide by the terms of the Library’s Acceptable Use
  Policy and the terms of related computer/Internet procedures of the
  Library System.  The Acceptable Use Policy and Internet procedures are
available at any Library location as well as on the Manistee County Library website.

  The Standards of Intellectual Freedom and Confidentiality endorsed
  by the American Library Association (ALA) and the Manistee County
  Library Board of Trustees for traditional library media shall apply to all
  electronic media including the Internet.

  The Library Staff will treat the contents of electronic files as private and
  confidential just as other library files.  Applicable Federal, State or local
  laws as well as Manistee County Library Board policies will govern any
  inspection of electronic files and any action based upon such inspection.


Users of the Manistee County Library computers as well as the Manistee County Library System are bound by State & local, and Federal laws relating to copyright, security, obscenity, pornography and other statues regarding electronic media.  Violations of the law will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

  Illegal use, misuse, or unauthorized use by users of the Manistee
  County Library System computers, facilities and information resources
  may result in permanent revocation of library privileges.

  Illegal use of computers that violate Federal, State or local laws include
  but are not limited by the following:

• Propagating or promoting chain letters, “spamming”, or “flaming”,
attempting to “hack” or “crack” into the Library System’s network
or any other network system.

• Deliberate violation of the computer systems integrity causing any system or computer to crash.

• Using Library computers to access, send, retrieve pornographic or obscene materials as defined by law.  Viewing, accessing, sending and retrieving any materials relating to child pornography or deemed “harmful to minors”.
• Tampering with computer hardware or software, including violation(s) of software license agreements.  Installing unauthorized (personal) software on Library owned computers.

• Violation of copyright and trademark laws.

• Violation of another user’s privacy.

• Vandalizing or any other malicious attempt to harm or destroy data of other users on the Internet such as creating or downloading computer viruses.


Any misuse or unauthorized use by users that may be deemed unacceptable may result in the loss of computer/Internet privileges at the discretion of the Library Administration and/or the Library
Board of Trustees.

The following, though the list is not all inclusive, are unacceptable
uses of the Manistee County Library Systems computers.

• Using impolite, abusive or otherwise objectionable language in either public or private messages. Bullying, whether it be physical, verbal or cyber will not be tolerated.
• Use of sound or visuals which might be disruptive to other library users, including loud voices and boisterous behavior.

• Verbal and/or physical abuse of Library users, property or staff.

• Saving/copying information to the hard drive of the Library’s

• Copying, installing, using software packages not provided by the Manistee County Library System.

• Using the Internet for political lobbying or commercial purposes for profit.

• Attempts to obtain/use another person’s account number/password.

• Time-blocking of sign-up sheet through the use of false names or other methods.

• Changing any computer files that belong to other persons.

• Tampering with or reconfiguring the Library System’s computer
      equipment, software or data.

• Circumventing security measures on the Library System’s, or other, computers and/or networks.

Approved: March 26, 2002
Amended by MCL Board: August 28, 2007
Revised by Staff for MCL Board Approval: April 2011
Amended  by MCL Board: June 28, 2011
Amended  by MCL Board: January 24, 2012