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Patron Use of Library Facilities

Policy of patron behavior and the cell phone use.

Patron Behavior
Inappropriate behavior may result in the offending person being asked to leave the library property for the
rest of the day. Examples of inappropriate behavior include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Loud, rude, or disruptive speech or actions (yelling, arguing, running, fighting, swearing)
  • Failure to follow staff instruction regarding the use of Library collections, equipment and facilities
  • Tampering with computers, copiers/printers, or other equipment settings and arrangements

Cell Phone Use

  • Cell phones should be silenced while in the library
  • Texting and use of other silent smart phone features is allowed
  • Extended conversations (longer than 1 minute) should be taken outside

Board Approved: August 28, 2007
Revised: November 24, 2015