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Research and Extended Reference Fees Policy

The Manistee County Library recognizes that providing reference service to patrons is a basic library service. To insure that this service is available to all patrons within the resources of the Library, this policy will define what basic reference service will be included and what is considered extended reference/research at the Manistee County Library.

A question asked by a patron in person or by telephone that can be answered in fifteen (15) minutes orless is a basic reference question.  Questions that require the search of archive materials, microfilm files, databases or the Internet in excess of fifteen (15) minutes are considered extended reference/research questions.  Extended reference/research questions will require the patron to pay for these services based on the following schedule:

  • Extended reference/research service will be provided at a charges of $18.00 per hour with a minimum charge of 1/2 hour ($9.00). Charges will be billed to the next quarter hour increment.  This fee must be explained and verbal permission from the patron is required to begin research.
  • Patrons failing to pick up extended reference/research completed by the staff within two weeks of completion will have the cost plus a $5.00 billing fee added to their library account.  This fee must be explained to the patron before search begins.  No patron owing extended reference/research fees will be allowed to checkout materials, place holds, or use the Internet until the fees are paid in full or terms of payment have been negotiated with the Executive Director.
  • Requests received by mail or email will require confirmed billing information before work will begin on an extended reference/research search.
  • Patrons using extended reference/research services must pay for all current or outstanding requests prior to submitting a new request.

Approved: March 23, 2009

Amended: February 23, 2010